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    • ) nucleolin gene, OsNUC1, transcripts were expressed in rice leaves, flowers, seeds and roots but differentially expressed within and between two pairs of salt-sensitive and salt-resistant rice lines when subjected to salt stress
    • Salt-resistant lines exhibited higher OsNUC1 transcript expression levels than salt-sensitive lines during 0
    • Without salt stress, OsNUC1-L expressing Arabidopsis thaliana Atnuc1-L1 plants displayed a substantial but incomplete revertant phenotype, whereas OsNUC1-S expression only induced a weak effect
    • We propose that OsNUC1-S plays an important role in salt resistance during salt stress, a new role for nucleolin in plants
    • Overexpression of a partial fragment of the salt-responsive gene OsNUC1 enhances salt adaptation in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana and rice (Oryza sativa L.) during salt stress
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