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    • It was localized in the apoplast as shown by transient expression of an OsORAP1/GFP fusion construct in tobacco leaf epidermal and mesophyll cells, but did not possess AO activity as shown by heterologous expression of OsORAP1 in Arabidopsis mutants with reduced background AO activity
    • A knock-out (KO) rice line of OsORAP1 showed enhanced tolerance to ozone stress (120 nL L-1 average daytime concentration, 20 days) as demonstrated by less formation of leaf visible symptoms (= cell death), less lipid peroxidation, and lower NADPH oxidase activity, indicating reduced active production of reactive oxygen species
    • A novel gene OsORAP1 enhances cell death in ozone stress in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
    • These observations suggested that OsORAP1 specifically induced cell death in ozone stress
    • These pieces of evidence suggested that OsORAP1 enhanced cell death in ozone stress, and its expression levels could explain the effect of a previously reported QTL
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