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    • Here, microRNA5144 (osa-miR5144-3p) is reported to mediate the formation of protein disulfide bonds via targeting OsPDIL1;1 mRNA in rice seeds and seedlings during development and under conditions of abiotic stress, respectively
    • These results indicate that protein-disulfide bond formation catalyzed by OsPDIL1;1 is modulated by osa-miR5144-3p in rice during development and is involved in resistance to abiotic stress
    • In contrast, the transgenic rice plants overexpressing osa-miR5144-3p or down-expressing OsPDIL1;1 resulted in a lower protein-disulfide bond content; they were susceptible to abiotic stress and produced abnormal grains with small and loosely packed starch granules
    • Expression of osa-miR5144-3p and OsPDIL1;1 were shown to be inversely regulated in developing organs and under abiotic stress
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