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    • Rice leucine-rich repeat extensin-like protein OsPEX1 mediates the intersection of lignin deposition and plant growth
    • When OsPEX1 was ectopically expressed in rice cultivars with tall stature that lacks the allele of semi-dwarf 1, well-known green revolution gene, the resulting transgenic plants displayed reduced height and enhanced lodging resistance
    • Lastly, we demonstrated that modulating OsPEX1 expression could provide a tool for improving rice lodging resistance
    • Conversely, OsPEX1-suppresssed transgenics displayed low lignin content and reduced transcriptional abundance of genes associated with lignin biosynthesis, indicating that the OsPEX1 mediates lignin biosynthesis and/or deposition in rice
    • Our study uncovers a causative effect between the expression of OsPEX1 and lignin deposition
    • The OsPEX1 gene is preferentially expressed in rice anther, suggesting that it may be involved in the regulation of pollen development
    • Effect of extensin-like OsPEX1 on pollen fertility in rice
    • The OsPEX1 RNAi transgenic lines showed a significant decrease in seed setting rate (10%~30%) due to pollen sterility
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