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    • Functional analysis of OsPGIP1 in rice sheath blight resistance.
    • Furthermore, the levels of sheath blight resistance were in accordance with the expression levels of OsPGIP1 in the transgenic lines
    • Our results reveal the functions of OsPGIP1 and its resistance mechanism to rice sheath blight, which will facilitate rice breeding for sheath blight resistance
    • Our results also show that OsPGIP1 is most highly expressed at the late tillering stage in the sheath of YSBR1, coinciding with the critical stage of SB development in field
    • Overexpression of OsPGIP1 Enhances Rice Resistance to Sheath Blight.
    • Overexpression of OsPGIP1 significantly increased rice resistance to SB and inhibited tissue degradation caused by R
    • Together, our results not only demonstrate the important role of OsPGIP1 in combatting the rice SB disease but also provide a new avenue to the improvement of rice SB resistance by manipulating an endogenous gene
    • Furthermore, OsPGIP1 overexpression did not affect rice agronomic traits or yield components
    • Our real-time reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction results indicated that resistant rice ‘YSBR1’ and ‘Jasmine 85’ express significantly higher levels of OsPGIP1 than susceptible ‘Lemont’
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