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    • Characterization of Ospho1;1 and Ospho1;2 insertion mutants revealed that only Ospho1;2 mutants had defects in Pi homeostasis, namely strong reduction in Pi transfer from root to shoot, which was accompanied by low-shoot and high-root Pi
    • Our data identify OsPHO1;2 as playing a key role in the transfer of Pi from roots to shoots in rice, and indicate that this gene could be regulated by its cis-natural antisense transcripts
    • Characterization of the rice PHO1 gene family reveals a key role for OsPHO1;2 in phosphate homeostasis and the evolution of a distinct clade in dicotyledons
    • However, while the OsPHO1;2 sense transcript was relatively stable under various nutrient deficiencies, the antisense transcript was highly induced by inorganic phosphate (Pi) deficiency
    • The most abundantly expressed gene was OsPHO1;2 in the roots, for both sense and antisense transcripts
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