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    • Prokaryotic expressed OsPHY2 has a strong function on degradation of phytate, with optimal temperature of 47°C and optimal pH of 3
    • Under the guidance of patatin signal peptide (PSP) of potato, the OsPHY2 expressed in tobacco could be secreted by the rhizosphere and hydrolyze the phytate into Pi, leading to a significantly more inorganic phosphate (Pi) accumulated and growth improved in plants under the condition using phytate as the sole phosphorus source
    • During the seed germination, the transcripts of OsPHY2 were much more detected in the germinated seeds than in the primary roots and the leaves
    • Therefore, as one HAP type of the phytase genes, OsPHY2 plays a critical role on the degradation of the phytins during the seed germination and has a potential application on the generation of elite crop germplasms with high use of efficiency of phytate and a large quantity of organic phosphate compounds in the arable land
    • OsPHY2 contains HP_HAP_like domain, a 24-aa signal peptide at the N-terminal and was targeted to the cytoplasm membrane after ER sorted
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