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    • Together with transcriptome analysis of ospitp6 rice plants and phenotypic analysis of grafted Arabidopsis chimeras, these results suggest that chloroplastic Sec14-like proteins play an essential role in growth modulations in response to changes in Pi availability, although their function is critical for plant growth under any Pi condition
    • The superior traits of OsPITP6-overexpressing rice plants also highlight the potential of OsPITP6 and its homologs in other crops as additional tools for improving Pi uptake and plant growth in low Pi environments
    • Importantly, overexpression of OsPITP6 increased tiller number and grain yield in rice
    • By contrast, overexpression of AtPITP7 and OsPITP6 enhanced Pi uptake and plant growth, especially under limited Pi supply
    • Targeted metabolome analysis of glycerolipids in leaves and chloroplasts revealed that inactivation of OsPITP6 alters phospholipid contents, independent of Pi availability, diminishing the reduction in phospholipid content and increase in glycolipid content induced by Pi deficiency; meanwhile, overexpression of OsPITP6 enhanced Pi deficiency induced metabolic alterations
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