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    • The polyketide synthase OsPKS2 is essential for pollen exine and Ubisch body patterning in rice.
    • Recombinant OsPKS2 catalyzed the condensation of fatty acyl-CoA with malonyl-CoA to generate triketide and tetraketide α-pyrones, the main components of pollen exine
    • Indeed, the ospks2 mutant had defective exine patterning and was male sterile
    • OsPKS2 is required for rice male fertility by participating in pollen wall formation.
    • Results suggested that OsPKS2 is critical for pollen wall formation, and plays a conserved but differentiated role in sporopollenin biosynthesis from Arabidopsis
    • Two other allelic mutants of OsPKS2 were generated using the CRISPR/Cas9 system and are also completely male sterile
    • This result thus further confirmed that OsPKS2 controls rice male fertility
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