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    • OsRRP is preferentially expressed in stems of wild-type rice and is significantly down-regulated in an increased tillering dwarf mutant ext37
    • The seedlings overexpressing OsRNS4 had longer coleoptiles and first leaves than wild-type seedlings under red light (R) and far-red light (FR), suggesting negative regulation of OsRNS4 in photomorphogenesis in rice seedlings
    • Moreover, ABA-induced growth inhibition of rice seedlings was significantly increased in the OsRNS4-overexpression (OsRNS4-OX) lines compared with that in WT, suggesting that OsRNS4 probably acts as a positive regulator in ABA responses in rice seedlings
    • Here, we investigated the expression patterns and roles of an S-like RNase gene, OsRNS4, in abscisic acid (ABA)-mediated responses and phytochrome-mediated light responses as well as salinity tolerance in rice
    • In addition, our results demonstrate that OsRNS4-OX lines have enhanced tolerance to high salinity compared to WT
    • Overexpression of an S-like ribonuclease gene, OsRNS4, confers enhanced tolerance to high salinity and hyposensitivity to phytochrome-mediated light signals in rice
    • OsRNS4 expression was regulated by salt, PEG and ABA
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