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    • Transcriptional activation experiments indicated that OsSPL18 is a functional transcription factor with activation domains in both the N-terminus and C-terminus, and both activation domains are indispensable for its biological functions
    • In this study, we studied the biological function of OsSPL18 during grain and panicle development in rice
    • Knockout (KO) mutants of OsSPL18 exhibited reduced grain width and thickness, panicle length and grain number, but increased tiller number
    • qRT-PCR and GUS staining analyses showed that OsSPL18 was highly expressed in developing young panicles and young spikelet hulls, in agreement with its function in regulating grain and panicle development
    • Both yeast one-hybrid and dual-luciferase (LUC) assays showed that OsSPL18 could bind to the DEP1 promoter, suggesting that OsSPL18 regulates panicle development by positively regulating the expression of DEP1
    • Cytological analysis showed that OsSPL18 regulates the development of spikelet hulls by affecting cell proliferation
    • OsSPL18 controls grain weight and grain number in rice.
    • Quantitative expression analysis showed that DEP1, a major grain number regulator, was significantly down-regulated in OsSPL18 KO lines
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