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    • However, simultaneous knockdown of OsSar1a/b/c resulted in floury and shrunken seeds, with an increased level of glutelin precursor and decreased level of the mature alpha- and beta-subunit
    • To reveal the route by which glutelin and alpha-globulin exit the ER, four putative Sar1 genes (OsSar1a/b/c/d) were cloned from rice, and transgenic rice were generated with Sar1 overexpressed or suppressed by RNA interference (RNAi) specifically in the endosperm under the control of the rice glutelin promoter
    • OsSar1abc RNAi endosperm generated numerous, spherical, novel protein bodies with highly electron-dense matrixes containing both glutelin and alpha-globulin
    • These results indicated that OsSar1a/b/c play a crucial role in storage proteins exiting from the ER, with functional redundancy in rice endosperm, and glutelin and alpha-globulin transported together from the ER to the Golgi apparatus by a pathway mediated by coat protein complex II
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