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    • Rice putative methyltransferase gene OsTSD2 is required for root development involving pectin modification.
    • All three independent T-DNA insertion lines of OsTSD2 displayed dwarf phenotypes and serial alterations in different zones of the root
    • Increased endogenous ABA content and opposite roles performed by ABA and IAA in regulating cellular adhesion in the Ostsd2 mutants suggested that OsTSD2 is required for root development in rice through a pathway involving pectin synthesis/modification
    • Biochemical analysis of cell wall pectin polysaccharides revealed that both the monosaccharide composition and the uronic acid content were decreased in Ostsd2 mutants
    • Here, we report the functional characterization of the OsTSD2 gene, which encodes a putative methyltransferase in rice
    • Osqua2 mutants exhibit a remarkable decrease in the degree of methylesterification (DM) of HG in the culm-sieve element (SE) cell wall, and a markedly reduced grain yield
    • These and other findings demonstrate that OsQUA2 is essential for maintaining a high DM of HG in the rice culm-SE cell wall, which may be critical for efficient sucrose partitioning and grain filling
    • The culm of Osqua2 mutant plants contain excessive sucrose, and a 13CO2 feeding experiment showed that the sucrose over-accumulation in the culm was caused by blocked sucrose translocation
    • The identification and characterization of the OsQUA2 gene and its functionality revealed a previously unknown contribution of HG methylesterification and provided insight into how the modification of cell wall regulates the intercellular transport in plants
    • Here, we identified and characterized knockout mutants of the OsQUA2 gene encoding a putative pectin methyltransferase (PMT)
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