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    • The knock down or knock out of OsUCL8 also increases grain yield, while the overexpression of OsUCL8 results in an opposite phenotype
    • Further studies revealed that the cleavage of OsUCL8 by miR408 affects copper homeostasis in the plant cell, which in turn affects the abundance of plastocyanin proteins and photosynthesis in rice
    • Spatial and temporal expression analyses showed that OsUCL8 was highly expressed in pistils, young panicles, developing seeds and inflorescence meristem, and was nearly complementary to that of OsmiR408
    • Interestingly, the OsUCL8 protein was localized to the cytoplasm, distinctive from a majority of phytocyanins which localize to the plasma membrane
    • The overexpression of OsUCL8 led to a striking irregularity in pollen tube growth and pollination and thus affected the seed setting rate in rice; many pollen tubes appeared to lose the ability to grow directly into the style
    • The rice plantacyanin family member OsUCL8 plays an important role in pollen tube formation and growth and, in turn, regulates fertility and the seed setting rate
    • We further demonstrated that OsUCL8 mainly affects pollen intine formation
    • The addition of Vitamin B1 (VB1) significantly contributed to the germination of OXUCL8 pollen grains, suggesting that OsUCL8 could be associated with VB1 production
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