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    • We herein reported OsZHD1 with key roles in rice morphogenesis, especially in the modulating of leaf rolling, which provided a novel insight into the molecular mechanism of leaf development in rice
    • The abaxially curled leaf phenotypes, co-segregating with the inserted transferred DNA, were caused by overexpression of a zinc finger homeodomain class homeobox transcription factor (OsZHD1)
    • Overexpression of OsZHD1, a zinc finger homeodomain class homeobox transcription factor, induces abaxially curled and drooping leaf in rice
    • Artificial overexpression of OsZHD1 or its closest homolog OsZHD2 induced the abaxial leaf curling
    • OsZHD1 exhibited a constitutive expression pattern in wild-type plants and accumulated in the developing leaves and panicles
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