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    • Hypoxic stress also induced ospdr9 in rice roots, salt stress induced ospdr9 at low levels but cold and heat shock had no effect
    • Polyethylene glycol and the heavy metals Cd (20 microM) and Zn (30 microM) rapidly and markedly induced ospdr9 in roots of rice seedlings
    • The plant growth regulator jasmonic acid, the auxin alpha-naphthalene acetic acid and the cytokinin 6-benzylaminopurine triggered ospdr9 expression
    • The results suggested that redox changes may be involved in the abiotic stress response regulation of ospdr9 in rice roots
    • Ospdr9, which encodes a PDR-type ABC transporter, is induced by heavy metals, hypoxic stress and redox perturbations in rice roots
    • The antioxidants dithiothreitol and ascorbic acid rapidly and markedly induced ospdr9 in rice roots; the strong oxidant hydrogen peroxide also induced ospdr9 but at three times lower levels
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