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    • RNA interference (RNAi) of Ostrxm resulted in rice plants with developmental defects, including semidwarfism, pale-green leaves, abnormal chloroplast structure, and reduced carotenoid and chlorophyll content
    • Two-dimensional electrophoresis and matrix-assisted laser-desorption/ionization time-of-flight analysis showed that the levels of several chloroplast proteins critical for photosynthesis and biogenesis were significantly decreased in Ostrxm RNAi plants
    • Ostrxm was localized in chloroplasts of rice mesophyll cells, and the recombinant protein showed dithiothreitol-dependent insulin beta-chain reduction activity in vitro
    • The pleiotropic effects of Ostrxm RNAi suggest that Ostrxm plays an important role in the redox regulation of chloroplast target proteins involved in diverse physiological functions
    • Protein interaction experiments revealed that OsMESL affects reactive oxygen species (ROS) accumulation by interacting with thioredoxin OsTrxm in rice
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