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    • However, the endogenous BR level in the SG1 overexpressor (SG1:OX) plants was comparable to the wild type
    • Overexpression of SG1 in rice produced a phenotype with short grains and dwarfing reminiscent of brassinosteroid (BR)-deficient mutants, with wide, dark-green, and erect leaves
    • Taken together, these results suggest that SG1 decreases responses to BRs and elongation of organs such as seeds and the internodes of rachis branches through decreased cellular proliferation
    • The causative gene, SG1, encodes a protein with unknown function that is preferentially expressed in roots and developing panicles
    • SG1:OX plants were insensitive to brassinolide in the lamina inclination assay
    • We identified a short-grain mutant (Short grain1 (Sg1) Dominant) via phenotypic screening of 13,000 rice (Oryza sativa) activation-tagged lines
    • In contrast to the SG1:OX plants, RNA interference knockdown plants that down-regulated SG1 and a related gene, SG1-LIKE PROTEIN1, had longer grains and internodes in rachis branches than in the wild type
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