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    • spl35 exhibited decreased chlorophyll content, higher accumulation of H2 O2 , up-regulated expression of defence-related marker genes, and enhanced resistance to both fungal and bacterial pathogens of rice
    • SPL35 directly interacts with the E2 protein OsUBC5a and the coatomer subunit delta proteins Delta-COP1 and Delta-COP2 through the CUE domain, and down-regulation of these interacting proteins also cause development of HR-like lesions resembling those in spl35 and activation of defence responses, indicating that SPL35 may be involved in the ubiquitination and vesicular trafficking pathways
    • Our findings provide insight into a role of SPL35 in regulating cell death and defence response in plants
    • The SPL35 gene encodes a novel CUE (coupling of ubiquitin conjugation to ER degradation) domain-containing protein that is predominantly localized in cytosol, ER and unknown punctate compartment(s)
    • SPL35 is constitutively expressed in all organs, and both overexpression and knockdown of SPL35 cause the lesion mimic phenotype
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