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    • In onion epidermal and rice root cells, the TOM2-GFP fusion protein localized to the cell membrane, indicating that the TOM2 protein is a transporter for phytosiderophore efflux to the cell exterior
    • Transgenic rice in which TOM2 expression was repressed by RNA interference showed growth defects compared to non-transformants and TOM3-repressed rice
    • Our results indicate that TOM2 is involved in the internal transport of DMA, which is required for normal plant growth
    • Strong TOM2 expression was observed in developing tissues during seed maturation and germination, while TOM3 expression was weak during seed maturation
    • The phytosiderophore efflux transporter TOM2 is involved in metal transport in rice.
    • In the present study, we analyzed TOM2 and TOM3, rice homologs of transporter of mugineic acid family phytosiderophores 1 (TOM1), a crucial efflux transporter directly involved in phytosiderophore secretion into the soil
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