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    • The uxs gene was expressed in mature, harvested rice seeds as well as in immature seeds 14 d post-anthesis, suggesting that the uxs gene is necessary at the beginning of the germination period
    • These findings reveal OsUXS3 as a direct target of OsDMI3 and demonstrate its involvement in antioxidant defense
    • OsDMI3-mediated OsUXS3 phosphorylation improves oxidative stress tolerance by modulating OsCATB protein abundance in rice.
    • Genetic and biochemical evidence demonstrated that OsUXS3 acts downstream of OsDMI3 to enhance the oxidative stress tolerance conferred by higher catalase (CAT) activity
    • Indeed, OsUXS3 interacted with CAT isozyme B (OsCATB), and this interaction was required to increase OsCATB protein abundance under oxidative stress conditions
    • Our results indicate that OsDMI3 promotes the association of OsUXS3 with OsCATB to enhance CAT activity under oxidative stress
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