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    • PROG1 is predominantly expressed in the axillary meristems, the site of tiller bud formation
    • Sequence comparison shows that 182 varieties of cultivated rice, including 87 indica and 95 japonica cultivars from 17 countries, carry identical mutations in the prog1 coding region that may have become fixed during rice domestication
    • Rice transformation experiments demonstrate that artificial selection of an amino acid substitution in the PROG1 protein during domestication led to the transition from the plant architecture of wild rice to that of domesticated rice
    • Here we show that the PROG1 gene controls aspects of wild-rice plant architecture, including tiller angle and number of tillers
    • Here we find that prostrate growth of wild rice from Yuanjiang County in China is controlled by a semi-dominant gene, PROG1 (PROSTRATE GROWTH 1), on chromosome 7 that encodes a single Cys(2)-His(2) zinc-finger protein
    • sativa disrupt the prog1 function and inactivate prog1 expression, leading to erect growth, greater grain number and higher grain yield in cultivated rice
    • Analysis of the stepwise origination process of PROG1 and its evolutionary genetics revealed that this zinc-finger coding gene may have rapidly evolved under positive selection and promoted the transition from non- or semi-prostrate growth to prostrate growth
    • This study showed that an open reading frame (ORF) of the rice domestication gene PROG1 appeared 3
    • However, selection for dense planting and high yield during rice domestication silenced the PROG1 gene and caused the loss of the RPAD locus containing functional C2H2 paralogs; hence, domesticated lines exhibit an erect plant architecture
    • Evolution of Plant Architecture in Oryza Driven by the PROG1 Locus
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