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    • The dnl-4 mutant showed reduced plant height and leaf blade width compared to the wild type, and increased leaf inclination
    • These results suggest that DNL-4 expression is involved in modulating plant height and leaf growth
    • To understand DNL-4 function in rice, we analyzed the expression levels of leaf growth-related genes, such as NAL1, NAL7, and CSLD4, in the dnl-4 mutant
    • The observation that DNL-4 expression corresponded with that of NAL1 and NAL7 is consistent with the narrow leaf phenotype of the dnl-4 mutant
    • These results suggest that DNL-4 regulates plant height and leaf structure in rice
    • Furthermore, DNL-4 expression also affects productivity in rice: the dnl-4 mutant exhibited reduced panicle length and grain width compared with the wild type
    • The morphological defects of the mutant were caused by the suppressed expression of the DNL-4 gene, which encodes a pfkB carbohydrate kinase protein
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