nitrogen leaf leaf senescence transcription factor early leaf senescence seedlings chloroplast senescence tillering xylem vascular bundle acetylcholinesterase shoot gravitropism gravitropic response stem root leaf development shoot temperature auxin resistance antiviral immunity development plant development fertility flower pollen panicle spikelet grain tiller anther sterility drought stress drought stress mature leaves stems seedling leaves seedling seedling death domestication awn grains per panicle grain number grain length mitochondria sheath submergence jasmonate disease disease resistance ja blight JA bacterial blight starch quality ATPase alkaline tolerance defense oxidative stress map-based cloning alkaline stress seed salinity salt seed germination photosynthesis tolerance potassium nucleus tapetum tapetum degeneration pollen development pollen wall cold tolerance oxidative growth cold stress abiotic stress ABA ethylene yield insect grain yield brown planthopper defense response vegetative drought tolerance crown root development root development cytokinin crown root elongation root elongation crown root initiation root initiation salicylic acid blast salt tolerance salt stress immunity biotic stress cold stress tolerance bacterial disease magnaporthe oryzae cell death R protein innate immunity pathogen cytoplasm floral meristem spikelet meristem inflorescence reproductive culm stamen architecture inflorescence architecture spikelet number floral meristem panicle size flower opening stigma size iaa blast resistance homeostasis transporter breeding ABC transporter metal transport aluminum Al tolerance chloroplast developmental plumule Chl biosynthesis TPR proteins zinc palea gibberellin lemma adenylate kinase Kinase grain size brassinosteroid BR Brassinosteroid BR signaling lamina kinase Brassinosteroid Signaling nitrogen utilization grain quality grain filling cell division root growth auxin response plant growth xoo calcium sa SA redox homeostasis Xoo calcium signaling Down-regulated genes salinity stress stomatal meiosis mitosis leaf shape ga cellulose cell wall dwarf cell elongation leaf color grain weight branching endosperm boron-toxicity tolerance auxin transport biomass seed weight cytokinin transport salt sensitivity manganese cell cycle sterile floral organ phloem jasmonic jasmonic acid height heading date plant height grain shape immune response signal transduction broad-spectrum disease resistance protein kinase seed size growth rate erect chloroplast development sugar glycosylation lodging lodging resistance photoinhibition abscisic acid cadmium cadmium accumulation osmotic tolerance root apical meristem chilling chilling stress cuticle flower development ovule reproductive development male reproductive development DNA repair Gibberellin crown crown root defense reactions elicitor-response flowering time GA anther development transcriptional regulator anaerobic condition anoxia flooded environment signaling pathway gene plasma membrane melatonin melatonin biosynthesis methyltransferase vascular development chlorophyll flavonoid pericarp CxC motif copper accumulation viral resistance copper tapetal resistant meiotic lateral root adventitious root transcription regulator heterosis seed development cell wall synthesis iron telomere lengthening telomere repeat-binding factor shoot apical meristem mycorrhizal symbiosis leaf erectness cell proliferation microspore male sterility cutin BR catabolism isoproturon metabolism detoxification lignin jasmonate response wounding internode length chalkiness strigolactone panicle architecture organ size cellular proliferation phytohormone nitrate chlorophyll content plant architecture brassinosteroid biosynthesis low-temperature germinability low-temperature germinability tiller number GA biosynthesis ABA biosynthesis intercalary meristem sucrose grain width receptor kinase shattering seed shattering lignin biosynthesis spikelet development callus male fertility leaf angle flowering Ubiquitin internode elongation panicle length floral organ number reactive oxygen species drought resistance reproductive growth endosperm development stomata drought sensitivity PCD primary root root hair starch biosynthesis amylose content GA biosynthetic JA biosynthesis non-differentiated calli ENDOSPERMLESS 1 syncytial endosperm development water loss biomass production rice stripe virus phosphate tryptophan aminotransferase small leaves large lamina joint angles IAA IAA biosynthesis auxin biosynthesis organ identity stroma axillary meristem spikelets per panicle panicle development programmed cell death photosystem GA inactivation phosphorus root length grain-filling phosphatase submergence tolerance grain growth seed growth Fe transcription activator stress response seed phenotype sugar transport transcriptional activator glucosyltransferase grain setting photoassimilate translocation ethylene response nutritional quality adaptability grain protein content grain protein Pi pi Pi uptake blast disease RSV crossover herbicide resistance silicon hybrid sterility arsenite heat stress Heat Stress heat tolerance high-temperature tolerance HIGHER YIELD RICE chlorophyll biogenesis ER stress drought stress response lesion defence defence response methyl jasmonate seedling growth seed length tiller angle vernalization lamina joint lesion mimic leaf size translation elongation factor epidermal cell morphogenesis vesicular vesicular trafficking root architecture Pi homeostasis Pi signaling node xylem parenchyma silicon transporter oxidation step meiotic recombination PAMP-triggered immunity root meristem adventitious root formation shoot architecture epidermis tiller bud outgrowth sucrose supply cytokinin response ubiquitin E3 ligase anti-recombination activity catalytic potency dormancy nitrate transporter protoplasts chilling tolerance embryo cytosol flooding osmotic stress secondary metabolism plastid megagametogenesis CHASE domain histidine phosphotransfer proteins oil bodies insect resistance sugar homeostasis Heat Stress Response iron homeostasis mature anthers nucleocytoplasmic shuttling protein AM symbiosis blight disease Pollen Fertility amino acid transporter glutelin prolamin globulin albumin gibberellin biosynthesis dehydrogenase abscisic acid biosynthesis ABA catabolism arsenic accumulation As transport pollen exine formation protein phosphatase herbicide-resistant herbicide actin protein symbiosis phosphate starvation phosphate starvation response tapetal programmed cell death female sterility helicase potassium uptake fungal blast 6mA demethylation demethylation pyrophosphorylase phosphate transport phosphate signaling root system architecture transcriptional repressor seed-setting autophagy thiamethoxam pest homologous recombination aluminium flavonoid biosynthesis chloroplast biogenesis female gametophyte development stomatal development angle of the lamina joint boron transporter boron uptake boron embryo development prostrate endoplasmic reticulum stress response Fe homeostasis Fe accumulation serotonin biosynthesis UV-B tolerance coleoptile elongation endosperm cellularization phytoalexin production catalase magnesium aluminum tolerance cell expansion seed filling fatty acid biosynthesis peptidoglycan and chitin signaling chitin signaling peptidoglycan signaling chitin elicitor signaling pathway immunity signalling histone trimethylation synapsis recombination JA receptor ent-CDP synthase biosynthesis of phytoalexins GA deficiency ethylene production cadmium tolerance stamen number phosphate starvation signaling antimicrobial activity sucrose transporter sucrose transport thermotolerance seed dormancy pollen germination pollen tube elongation bacterial blight disease JA signaling N utilization antioxidant defense glucanase silicon-dependent strengthening of rice cell wall floral meristem determinacy stomatal density plant stature secondary cell wall peduncle ER quality control carpel differentiation energy metabolism glycolytic pathway grain storage compound stoma differentiation cell fate transition MYB transcriptional activator Ni transport Co transport florigen transport drought response disease development starch accumulation fragile shoot drooping shoot grain ripening glycosyltransferase 5-aminolevulinic acid synthesis brassinosteroid phytohormone pathway leaf rolling steles pigment biosynthesis terpenoid biosynthesis seed vigour heavy metal Salt Sensitivity tetrapyrrole biosynthesis Fe efficiency homeobox gene root number root meristem size double ovules developmental abnormality megagametophyte empty-glume identity floral organ number control stem strength JA signalling repressor triacylglycerol flooding tolerance phosphate homeostasis aminobutyric acid transaminase ovule identity lateral root number lateral root length pathogen resistance NO3- transporter GA deactivation stigma length rachillae wounding response seed set malectin glycoprotein quality control glycoprotein pollen hydration N-glycan formation auxin-mediated root development molybdenum remobilization BR homeostasis Holliday junctions metallolthionein Zn distribution DNA damaging phosphate acquisition Casparian strip root endodermis cuticular wax biosynthesis wax biosynthesis JA signalling boric acid boron distribution exodermal cells transcription suppressor pollen coat formation homologous chromosome pairing young panicles aluminium internalization aquaporin water channel sucrose translocation drought and oxidative stress stigma number abiotic stress response pre-mRNA splicing ribophorin bioethanol bioethanol production sucrose synthase sulphotransferase callus browning bidirectional helicase style length Arbuscular Mycorrhizal symbiosis vacuolar morphology tubulin tubulin synthesis phospholipase D activity pollen wall morphogenesis flavonoid metabolism flavone cuticular wax formation root epidermal cells AM colonization leaf flattening shoot meristem cuticle formation bacteria blight disease reticulum stress response inflorescence development root thickness hybrid weakness plant defense signaling super apical dormant callose biosynthesis abscission-zone development ethylene homeostasis GKSKSF domain strigolactone biosynthesis cellular activities PSS domain internode development Leu-rich repeat receptor kinase energy homeostasis protein translation pedicels tyrosine biosynthesis XA21 signaling Xoo pathotypes