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    • In this study, the rice OsAP23 gene, which encodes an AP2/ERF transcription factor, was isolated from rice using a yeast-one-hybrid system
    • The OsAP23 transcription factor belongs to the B3 group of the ERF subfamily
    • Germination results for transgenic Arabidopsis plants hosting the OsAP23 gene revealed greater inhibition at the germination and seedling stages with increasing concentration of NaCl compared to the wild-type plants
    • In addition, following exposure to high salt concentrations, several stress-responsive regulatory genes were induced to a significantly greater extent in the wild-type lines compared with lines that over-express OsAP23
    • These results suggested that OsAP23 might be a negative regulator of the salt stress response in higher plants
    • Exogenous ABA also reduced the rate of germination of transgenic Arabidopsis seeds that over-express OsAP23 compared with wild-type Arabidopsis seeds
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