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    • OsMDHAR4 expression was detected in all tissues surveyed and peaked in leaf blade
    • In rice, however, the detailed roles of OsMDHAR4 in resistance against heat stress remains unclear
    • Suppression of OsMDHAR4 enhances heat tolerance by mediating H2O2-induced stomatal closure in rice plants.
    • In comparison with wild type, the osmdhar4 mutant exhibited improved tolerance to heat stress, whereas OsMDHAR4 overexpression lines exhibited enhanced sensitivity to heat stress
    • Taken together, these results indicated that OsMDHAR4 negatively regulates tolerance to heat stress by mediating H2O2-induced stomatal closure in rice
    • Moreover, we found that suppression of OsMDHAR4 promoted stomatal closure and hydrogen peroxide accumulation, and overexpression of OsMDHAR4 increased stomatal opening and decreased hydrogen peroxide content in rice leaves
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