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    • Histochemical activity of beta-glucuronidase in transgenic rice plants containing the promoter of OsTZF1 fused with beta-glucuronidase was observed in callus, coleoptile, young leaf, and panicle tissues
    • Promoter GUS analysis revealed that OsOPT7 expresses in root tips, root vascular tissue and shoots as well as during seed development
    • Furthermore OsOPT7 did not complement the growth of yeast fet3fet4 mutant
    • Microarray analysis of OsOPT7 knockout 1 (opt7-1) revealed the upregulation of Fe-deficiency-responsive genes in plants grown under Fe-sufficient conditions, despite the high Fe and ferritin concentrations in shoot tissue indicating that Fe may not be available for physiological functions
    • Iron deficiency regulated OsOPT7 is essential for iron homeostasis in rice.
    • OsOPT7 localized to the plasma membrane and did not transport Fe(III)-DMA or Fe(II)-NA and GSH in Xenopus laevis oocytes
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