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    • Our results suggest that OsUGE3 improves biomass production, mechanical strength, and salt stress tolerance by reinforcement of cell walls with polysaccharides and it could be targeted for genetic modification to improve rice growth under salt stress
    • Notably, the OsUGE3 is ubiquitously expressed and induced by salt treatment
    • Moreover, OsUGE3 overexpression improves the homeostasis of Na(+) and K(+) and induces a higher accumulation of hemicelluloses and soluble sugars during salt stress
    • The OsUGE3 exhibits UDP-galactose/glucose epimerase activity that provides substrates for polysaccharides polymerization, consistent with the increased biosynthesis of cellulose and hemicelluloses and strengthened walls in OsUGE3-OX plants
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