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    • With ABA, OsSADR1 overexpression in plants produced highly tolerant phenotypes, with morphological changes in root length and stomatal closure
    • Heterogeneous overexpression of OsSADR1 in Arabidopsis exhibited sensitive phenotypes for salt- and mannitol-responsive seed germination and seedling growth
    • Taken together, OsSADR1 may act as a regulator in abiotic stress responses by modulating target protein levels
    • However, transiently expressed OsSADR1 was primarily expressed in the nucleus (70%) in 200<U+2009>mM salt-treated rice protoplasts
    • The two nucleus-localised proteins (OsSNAC2 and OsGRAS44) interacted with OsSADR1 in the cytosol and nucleus
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