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    • DAB staining and H2O2 content measurement showed that there was excessive H2O2 accumulation in the cs3 mutant leaf
    • Accompanying the chlorophyll deficiency, the chloroplasts in cs3 leaf cells were abnormal
    • The cs3 mutant seedlings exhibit a yellowish phenotype at germination, and they do not survive at the seedling stage
    • CS3 is mainly expressed in green tissues and the S136 F would influence CS3 interacting with YGL8 and its chloroplast localization
    • qRT-PCR analysis revealed the changes in the expression of genes involved in chlorophyll biosynthesis and degradation, chloroplast development, senescence, and photosynthesis in the cs3 mutant
    • In this study, we isolated and characterized a chlorophyll-deficient mutant, which we named cs3 (chlorotic seedling 3)
    • Using a map-based cloning strategy, we mapped the CS3 gene, which encodes a Ycf54 domain-containing protein, to a locus on chromosome 3
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