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    • These expression profiles suggested that overexpression of OsNMD3(deltaNLS) affected ribosome biogenesis and certain basic pathways, leading to pleiotropic abnormalities in plant growth
    • Analyses of the transactivation activity and cellulose biosynthesis level revealed low protein synthesis efficiency in the transgenic plants compared with the wild-type plants
    • A dominant negative form of OsNMD3 with a truncated nuclear localization sequence (OsNMD3(deltaNLS)) was retained in the cytoplasm, consequently interfering with the release of OsNMD3 from pre-60S particles and disturbing the assembly of ribosome subunits
    • Moreover, global expression profiles of the wild-type and transgenic plants were investigated using the Illumina RNA sequencing approach
    • Retention of OsNMD3 in the cytoplasm disturbs protein synthesis efficiency and affects plant development in rice.
    • sativa NMD3 (OsNMD3) shares all the common motifs and shuttles between the nucleus and cytoplasm via CRM1/XPO1
    • This study chose a highly conserved trans-factor, the 60S ribosomal subunit nuclear export adaptor NMD3, to characterize the mechanism of ribosome biogenesis in the monocot plant Oryza sativa (rice)
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