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    • A nucleoside diphosphate kinase gene OsNDPK4 is involved in root development and defense responses in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
    • Dysfunctional mutation of OsNDPK4 resulted in severe defects in root development of rice
    • The rice mutant Osndpk4 showed severe defects in root development from the early seedling stage
    • However, the resistance of Osndpk4 against bacterial blight was significantly enhanced
    • Osndpk4 showed enhanced resistance to the bacterial pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae pv
    • Our results demonstrate that OsNDPK4 plays important roles in energy homeostasis, development process, and defense responses in rice
    • Detailed analysis revealed that the dysfunction of OsNDPK4 might reorchestrate energy homeostasis and hormone metabolism and signalling, resulting in repression of translation, DNA replication and cell cycle progression, and priming of biotic stress defense
    • Map-based cloning identified that the mutation occurred in the OsNDPK4 gene
    • In addition, transcriptomic analysis showed that OsNDPK4 was significantly associated with a number of biological processes, including translation, protein modification, metabolism, biotic stress response, etc
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