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    • OsFPFL4 is Involved in the Root and Flower Development by Affecting Auxin Levels and ROS Accumulation in Rice (Oryza sativa).
    • Plants overexpressing OsFPFL4 have shorter primary root, more lateral roots and adventitious roots than wild type; however, RNA interference (RNAi) of OsFPFL4 significantly inhibits the growth of root system, and also delays the flowering time in rice
    • Our results reveal that OsFPFL4 is involved in modulating the root and flower development by affecting auxin and ROS homeostasis in rice plants
    • Here, our results show that rice plants overexpressing OsFPFL4 accumulate more auxin in the shoot and root, whereas RNAi lines have less auxin than wild type
    • As expected, the transcript levels of genes responsible for auxin biosynthesis and polar transport are altered in these OsFPFL4 transgenic plants
    • OsFPFL4 controls auxin accumulation via affecting auxin biosynthesis and transport, and also modulates ROS homeostasis by balancing ROS producing and scavenging
    • Interestingly, increased or repressed expression of OsFPFL4 leads to shrunken anthers and abnormal pollen grains
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