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    • Exogenous application of thiamine could complement the compromised defense of the OsDR8-silenced plants
    • The expression level of several defense-responsive genes including the earlier functional genes of defense transduction pathway, OsPOX and OsPAL, and the downstream genes of the pathway, OsPR1a, OsPR1b, OsPR4, OsPR5 and OsPR10, was also decreased in the OsDR8-silenced plants
    • These results suggest that the impact of OsDR8 on disease resistance in rice may be through the regulation of expression of other defense-responsive genes and the site of OsDR8 function is on the upstream of the signal transduction pathway
    • The function of OsDR8, a rice disease resistance-responsive gene, was studied
    • Dual function of rice OsDR8 gene in disease resistance and thiamine accumulation
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