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    • OsPML3 was highly expressed in rapidly developing tissues such as young leaves, root caps, lateral root primordia, and young anthers
    • At the vegetative stage, we observed necrotic root tips and lateral root primordia, and chlorotic young leaves in OsPML3 knockout lines under Mn-deficient conditions
    • Heterologous expression of OsPML3 restored the growth of Mn uptake-defective yeast strain Δsmf1 under Mn-limited conditions
    • OsPML3 knockout lines grown in the paddy field had reduced pollen fertility
    • The Golgi-localized transporter OsPML3 is involved in manganese homeostasis and complex N-glycan synthesis in rice.
    • Collectively, our results indicate that OsPML3 maintains Mn homeostasis in the Golgi apparatus of the rapidly developing rice tissues, and regulates the deposition of cell wall polysaccharides and late-stage Golgi N-glycosylation, especially biosynthesis of the Lewis A structure
    • Additionally, knocking out OsPML3 reduced the deposition of cell wall polysaccharides and the content of Lea (Lewis A structure)-containing N-glycan in roots and young leaves
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