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    • OsUBC11 overexpression lines showed the same root phenotypes
    • These results demonstrated that OsUBC11 was involved in root development
    • Expression of the auxin synthesis regulating gene OsYUCCA4/6/7/9, the auxin transport gene OsAUX1, auxin/indole-3-acetic acid (Aux/IAA) family gene OsIAA31, auxin response factor OsARF16 and root regulator key genes, including OsWOX11, OsCRL1, OsCRL5 was significantly down-regulated in OsUBC11 overexpressing plants
    • Collectively, these results indicate that OsUBC11 modulates auxin signaling, ultimately affecting root development at the rice seedling stage
    • Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme OsUBC11 Affects the Development of Roots via Auxin Pathway.
    • In the present study, a T-DNA insertional mutant named R164, which exhibited a significant decrease in the length of primary and lateral roots, was used as the experimental material to explore the potential function of OsUBC11
    • Biochemical experiments showed that OsUBC11 is a lysine-48-linked ubiquitin chain-forming conjugase
    • Application of exogenous NAA restored the length of lateral and primary roots in R164 and OsUBC11 overexpression lines
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