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    • Histochemical analysis with pHIPP16::GUS reveals that OsHIPP16 is primarily expressed in root and leaf vascular tissues
    • Transgenic rice overexpressing OsHIPP16 (OE) improved rice growth with increased plant height, biomass, and chlorophyll content but with a lower degree of oxidative injury and Cd accumulation, whereas knocking out OsHIPP16 by CRISPR-Cas9 compromised the growth and physiological response
    • OsHIPP16 was strongly induced by Cd stress
    • Expression of OsHIPP16 in the yeast mutant strain ycf1 sensitive to Cd conferred cellular tolerance
    • A metal chaperone OsHIPP16 detoxifies cadmium by repressing its accumulation in rice crops.
    • These results suggest that adequate expression of OsHIPP16 would profoundly contribute to Cd detoxification by regulating Cd accumulation in rice, suggesting that both OE and oshipp16 mutant plants have great potentials for restricting Cd acquisition in the rice crop and phytoremediation of Cd-contaminated wetland soils
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