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    • Symbol: siR109944
    • MSU: None
    • RAPdb: None
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  • Key message
    • Additionally, multiple agronomic traits of rice, including root length and flag leaf inclination, were affected by siR109944 expression
    • Our results demonstrate that siR109944 has a conserved function in interfering with plant immunity, growth and development by affecting auxin homeostasis in planta
    • Rice siR109944 suppresses plant immunity to sheath blight and impacts multiple agronomic traits by affecting auxin homeostasis.
    • Auxin metabolism- and signaling pathway-related genes were differentially expressed in the siR109944 OE and FBL55 OE plants
    • We found that rice had significantly enhanced susceptibility when siR109944 was overexpressed, while FBL55 OE plants showed resistance to R
    • Furthermore, transgenic Arabidopsis overexpressing siR109944 exhibited early flowering, increased tiller numbers and increased susceptibility to R
    • Thus, siR109944 provides a genetic target for plant breeding in the future
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