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    • In the osatm3 T-DNA insertion mutant, the fourth leaf fails to develop and the lateral roots are short
    • Promoter-β-glucuronidase staining of the transgenic line indicated that OsATM3 is highly expressed in lateral root primordia, root tip meristem zones, and shoot apical meristem regions
    • Massive cell death occurred in the osatm3 root tip meristem zone
    • Quantitative RT-PCR revealed transcriptional reprogramming of the genes in the osatm3 and RNAi lines involved in DNA repair and cell cycle arrest
    • Cytosolic iron-sulfur protein activities were significantly reduced in both osatm3 and RNA interference (RNAi) transgenic lines
    • The expression profiles of many iron metabolism genes were altered in the osatm3 and RNAi lines
    • Glutathione metabolism was impaired and reactive oxygen species (ROS), particularly superoxide, accumulated in osatm3
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