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    • The OsMDH1 was expressed in different tissues of rice plants including leaf, leaf sheath, panicle, glume, bud, root, and stem and was induced in the presence of NaCl
    • Transient expression of OsMDH1-GFP in rice protoplasts showed that OsMDH1 localizes to chloroplast
    • In this study, we identified a new loss-of-function osmdh1 mutant displaying salt stress-tolerant phenotype
    • Transgenic rice plants overexpressing OsMDH1 (OsMDH1OX) displayed a salt stress-sensitive phenotype
    • Moreover, the pyridoxine content was higher in the osmdh1 mutant and lower in OsMDH1OX plants than in the NIP plants under the salt stress, indicating that OsMDH1 negatively regulates salt stress-induced pyridoxine accumulation
    • Together, our results establish a novel, negative regulatory role of OsMDH1 in salt stress tolerance by affecting vitamin B6 content of rice tissues
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