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    • Conversely, knocking out OsACE2 resulted in compromised growth phenotypes compared to the wild-type (WT)
    • Collectively, OsACE2 plays a primary role in catabolizing OFF residues in rice through multiple degradation pathways and reducing OFF in its growth environment
    • To demonstrate the regulatory role of OsACE2 in resistance to OFF toxicity, we generated OsACE2 overexpression (OE) and knockout mutant using genetic transformation and gene-editing technologies (CRISPR/Cas9)
    • Acetyltransferase OsACE2 acts as a regulator to reduce the environmental risk of oxyfluorfen to rice production
    • In this study, we characterized a new functional locus encoding an acetyltransferase (OsACE2) that can facilitate OFF degradation in rice.
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