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    • Overexpression of OMTN2, OMTN3, OMTN4, and OMTN6 in rice led to negative effects on drought resistance at the reproductive stage.
    • The NAC Transcription Factor Gene OsY37 (ONAC011) Promotes Leaf Senescence and Accelerates Heading Time in Rice.
    • Here, we describe the identification and functional characterization of the NAC transcription factor gene, OsY37 (Oryza sativa Yellow37, ONAC011) obtained from Oryza sativa cv
    • The resulting transgenic plants overexpressing OsY37 gene showed early heading and precocious senescence phenotype of flag leaves compared with wild-type plants
    • Our results indicate that OsY37 acts as a positive regulator of heading and senescence during the reproductive phase in rice
    • In addition, OsY37 may be involved in plant development and grain yield
    • Furthermore, knockdown of OsY37 expression caused dwarfism and high accumulation of chlorophyll during the vegetative phase
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