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    • Functional Analysis of OsCIPK17 in Rice Grain Filling.
    • The results showed that knockout of OsCIPK17 affected photosynthesis and starch-, sucrose-, and amino acid metabolism-related gene expression; furthermore, the mutation reduced PSII utilization efficiency, it blocked the synthesis and metabolism of starch and sucrose, and affected the formation and transport of assimilates, thereby reducing final grain weight
    • The results showed that OsCIPK17 improved drought resistance of rice by regulating deep roots under drought stress; Response to drought by regulating the energy metabolism pathway and controlling the accumulation of citric acid in the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle; Our exogenous experiments also proved that OsCIPK17 responds to citric acid, and this process involves the auxin metabolism pathway; Exogenous citric acid can improve the drought resistance of overexpression plants
    • However, there is no report on the function and mechanism of OsCIPK17 in rice drought resistance
    • Our research reveals that OsCIPK17 positively regulates rice drought resistance and participates in the accumulation of citric acid in the TCA cycle, providing new insights for rice drought resistance
    • Combined metabolomic and transcriptomic analysis reveals key components of OsCIPK17 overexpression improves drought tolerance in rice.
    • We combined transcriptional and metabonomic analysis to clarify the specific mechanism of OsCIPK17 in response to rice drought tolerance
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