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    • Overexpression of OsBIM1 significantly increases rice leaf angles, whereas the T-DNA knock-out mutant osbim1 and wide type (WT) showed similar leaf inclination
    • Gene expression analysis showed that the overexpression of OsBIM1 significantly increased the transcripts of INCREASED LEAF INCLINATION1 (OsILI1) that functions as a key transcription factor promoting BR signaling and response
    • The promoting effect of OsBIM1 overexpression on leaf angle can still be observed at harvest stage, but overexpression of OsBIM1 resulted in smaller grain size and reduced yield
    • OsBIM1 overexpression enhances the sensitivity and response to BR treatment in rice
    • Meanwhile, OsBIM1 inhibited the expression of DWARF2 (OsD2, a key enzyme in BR biosynthesis pathway)
    • OsBIM1 can bind with OsILI1 promoter and enhance OsILI1 expression in response to BR treatment
    • These results indicate that OsBIM1 functions as a positive regulator in BR signaling, and its overexpression increases rice lamina inclination by promoting BR sensitivity and response
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