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    • OsSPDS2 mRNA accumulated in roots during long term exposure to chilling temperature (12 degrees C)
    • Data suggested a distinct function of OsSPDS2 in chilling response in rice
    • ABA treatment up-regulated OsSPDS2, whereas salt stress did not change OsSPDS2 levels significantly
    • These data suggest that OsSPMS1 affects ethylene synthesis and may regulate seed germination and plant growth by affecting the ACC and ethylene pathways
    • The Spermine Synthase OsSPMS1 Regulates Seed Germination, Grain Size, and Yield.
    • Phenotypic analysis indicated that OsSPMS1 negatively regulates seed germination, grain size, and grain yield per plant
    • Most importantly, an OsSPMS1 knockout mutant showed an increase in grain yield per plant in a high-yield variety, Suken118, suggesting that OsSPMS1 is an important target for yield enhancement in rice
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