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    • Taken together, our results provide evidence that OsMRE11 performs a function essential for maintaining the normal HR process and inhibiting non-homologous recombination during meiosis
    • Immunofluorescence studies further demonstrated that OsMRE11 is required for homologous synapsis and DSB processing but is dispensable for meiotic DSB formation
    • We found that OsMRE11 protein was located on meiotic chromosomes from interphase to late pachytene
    • The OsMRE11-deficient plants exhibited normal vegetative growth but could not set seed
    • OsMre11 Is Required for Mitosis during Rice Growth and Development
    • These results indicated that OsMre11 plays vital roles in DNA replication and damage repair of the mitotic cell cycle, which ensure the development and fertility of rice by maintaining genome stability
    • The decreased number of cells in the apical meristem and the appearance of chromosomal fragments and bridges during the mitotic cell cycle in rice mre11 mutant roots revealed an essential role of OsMre11
    • Moreover, OsMre11 could form a complex with OsRad50 and OsNbs1, and they might function together in non-homologous end joining and homologous recombination repair pathways
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