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    • Expression of OsMSR15 in Arabidopsis conferred drought tolerance, and transgenic plants showed hypersensitivity to exogenous ABA during the seed germination and post-germination stages
    • OsMSR15 encoding a rice C2H2-type zinc finger protein confers enhanced drought tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis
    • Expression of OsMSR15 was strongly up-regulated by cold, drought and heat stresses in different tissues at different developmental stages of rice
    • The obtained results indicate that OsMSR15 is an important regulator involved in plant response to drought stress
    • OsMSR15 contains two C2H2-type zinc nger motifs, a nuclear localization signal (B box), a Leu-rich domain (L-box) and a conserved EAR-motif close to its C-terminus
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