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    • Map-based cloning revealed that HSA1 encodes a putative OsFLN2
    • The hsa1 mutant harbors a recessive mutation in a gene encoding fructokinase-like protein2 (FLN2); the mutation causes a premature stop codon and results in a severe albino phenotype, with defects in early chloroplast development
    • The color of hsa1 mutant plants gradually changed from albino to green at later stages of development at various temperatures and chloroplast biogenesis was strongly delayed at high temperature (32<U+202F>C)
    • HSA1 localizes to the chloroplast and regulates chloroplast development
    • These results demonstrated that HSA1 plays important roles in chloroplast development at early stages, and functions in protecting chloroplasts under heat stress at later stages in rice
    • GRA117 encodes PfkB-type fructokinase-like 2, which is subcellularly localized in chloroplasts and is widely expressed in various rice tissues, particularly at high levels in leaf tissues
    • RNA-Seq analysis revealed that GRA117 plays a significant role in photosynthetic carbon fixation, carbon metabolism, and chloroplast ribosome-related pathways
    • Our study supports that GRA117 promotes the Calvin-Benson cycle by regulating chloroplast development, ultimately leading to enhanced carbon assimilation in rice
    • GRA117 is crucial in the process of carbon assimilation in rice as it regulates the development of chloroplasts, which in turn facilitates the Calvin-Benson cycle
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