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    • Using a large-scale hybrid transcription factor approach, we identified the novel MYB-like transcription factor OsMPH1 (MYB-like gene of Plant Height 1), which is involved in the regulation of plant height in rice
    • OsMPH1 regulates plant height and improves grain yield in rice.
    • Overexpression of OsMPH1 leads to increases of plant height and grain yield in rice, while knockdown of OsMPH1 leads to the opposite phenotypes
    • These results imply that OsMPH1 might be involved in specific recognition and signal transduction processes related to plant height and yield formation, providing further insights into the mechanisms underlying the regulation of plant height and providing a candidate gene for the efficient improvement of rice yield
    • Here, we report that a transcription factor OsMYB45 is involved in Cd stress response in rice
    • OsMYB45 plays an important role in rice resistance to cadmium stress
    • Taken together, OsMYB45 plays an important role in tolerance to Cd stress in rice
    • OsMYB45 is highly expressed in rice leaves, husks, stamens, pistils, and lateral roots, and its expression is induced by Cd stress
    • OsMYB45 fused to green fluorescent protein localized to the cell nucleus in onion epidermal cells
    • OsMYB45 plays an important role in rice resistance to cadmium stress.
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