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    • RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) revealed that the ABA-related genes were involved in the OsHIPL1 regulation of seed vigour in rice
    • These results indicate that the regulation of seed vigour of OsHIPL1 may be through modulating endogenous ABA levels and altering OsABIs expression during seed germination in rice
    • Meanwhile, we found that OsHIPL1 interacted with the aquaporin OsPIP1;1, then affected water uptake to promote rice seed germination
    • Based on analysis of single-nucleotide polymorphism data of rice accessions, we identified a Hap1 haplotype of OsHIPL1 that was positively correlated with seed germination
    • Our findings showed novel insights into the molecular mechanism of OsHIPL1 on seed vigour
    • The higher levels of endogenous ABA were measured in germinating seeds of OsHIPL1 mutants and NIL-qsv3 line compared to IR26 plants, with two up-regulated ABA biosynthesis genes (OsZEP and OsNCED4) and one down-regulated ABA catabolism gene OsABA8ox3
    • OsHIPL1 was mainly localized in the plasma membrane and nucleus
    • The expression of abscisic acid-insensitive 3 (OsABI3), OsABI4 and OsABI5 was significantly up-regulated in germinating seeds of OsHIPL1 mutants and NIL-qsv3 line compared to IR26 plants
    • OsHIPL1, a hedgehog-interacting protein-like 1 protein, increases seed vigour in rice
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